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Pod Farm 2.0 will only process 1 input with non-L6 Audio Interface, and other concerns?

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My Toneport UX8 has died.  I spent a fair amount of money fixing other issues with it recently, so I don't feel it's worth the investment to repair this problem too.  So I just bought a Behringer U-Phoria UMC1820 to try out for recording instead.  So far it's working well, and has surprisingly low latency options (haven't tested them all though).  It's working well at 128 and 256 so far.


However, with Pod Farm 2.0 Standalone, I have a few problems with this device:


1) I can only select 1 input channel in File > Preferences > Hardware > Input Channel.  With the Toneport I believe I could select 2 inputs for say vocals and bass simultaneously, no?  Is this expected behavior when using a non-L6 audio interface with the program - You can only process a single input, even if the interface has more?


2) Every time I restart Pod Farm 2.0 the Input Channel settings resets to Input 1, even though I'm trying to set it up on Input 2 as the default.  Guess I'll just have to swap my physical settings since I record guitar most of the time, but that's kind of annoying.


3) Usually when I switch input channels, the output volume of the same patch becomes very loud (into heavy clipping) compared to the identical patch when loaded in Pod Farm VST.  Switching presets, and switching back seems to reset it to the expected volume though.


2) Clicking ASIO Settings doesn't open the UMC control panel.  Clicking the ASIO configuration in Reaper is able to open it just fine, so it seems to just be an issue with this.

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