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Hi All,


I am looking for free DAW software and i found Cakewalk from Bandlab and would like to share this tip with you.

So far, i think it's the best DAW software available for free. It looks very nice and does an amazing good job !


At home i am using it to record tracks directly from my Helix LT over USB. And it works like a charm.

As i am fond of sharing tips and tricks, i wrote a small tutorial for installing and first use of Cakewalk to record directly from the Line 6 Helix (LT)


You can find the tutorial here !


Hope you will find it handy en will enjoy it !


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make a system restore first as there are some things it doesn't remove on uninstall, also it changes some of your critical paths for future installers. Their techs are aware of this and looks like they will fix it, but for now, I would do system restore first.


Yes, the sonitus fx are included! Some good stuff in here, and hopefully this guy's vision works!

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