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BADONKULOUS! (L6 Badonk & Fishman Fluence Moderns)


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Hey dudes!


I seriously can't get over how good the L6 Badonk amp sounds (when dialed in well...).

The default settings do have a LOT of bass so I usually have to dial down the bass and depth controls quite a bit.


Anyway, I got this new Schecter guitar last week with Fishman Fluence Modern pickups and I thought I'd make a demo to test this guitar with Badonk.

I think it sounds pretty sick!

The low end on this guitar is pretty well balanced I must say...



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Kind of reviving this to ask a question. First of all, that sounds GREAT. Punchy, tight, full of life and aggression. And the way you wrote the chorus part was really beautiful. I really felt that part. Great video! 


Now, question. I have the 7 string Fluence Moderns and I've been having trouble getting a tone I like with it from the Helix. I have a different guitar, a Strandberg, but I'd like to ask if you could share your amp, cab, and mic settings that you used in the video? It would help me learn and understand where I'm going wrong. 


Been considering switching to Dimarzios but I know the pickup is not the problem... It's me! 

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