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Helix Driver Windows 7 Installation


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A quick note that I hope might be useful to others.  I bought a Helix LT this week.  The driver software loaded fine onto a couple of laptops but I couldn't get it to install on my main Windows 7 PC.  The Helix showed up as a device in "Devices and Printers" but was reported by WIndows as unusable and  that the driver had failed to load.  It appears that my copy of Windows had loaded a generic USB device driver instead of the L6 software.  Anyway, after several fruitless exchanges with L6 support, I found the fix myself. 


You need to go to the Helix device shown in Device Manager, click on Properties, click on Driver, tell it to "Update Driver" and install the driver manually from the folder:   Programs (x86)/ Line6/ Tools/ Driver2 Archive/ Helix. Windows will identify the ".inf" file in that folder as the correct driver.  Click on that and you should be good to go.


I suspect it's an unusual problem inasmuch as one of my laptop installs was also Win 7 and went perfectly smoothly. Nevertheless, I hope this may help someone.  Now I can get back to trying to get the Helix to play nicely with my DT25..........





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