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Can You Have Both A Mag Pu And Piezo Acoustic On At The Same Time?

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Yes... There's a couple of ways you can do it now with the 2.0 firmware and Workbench HD. If you want to save a blended model on the guitar itself, you can add the signal from the magnetic pickups into the model. With this method, though, you're still left with a blended signal coming out of the guitar.


The other thing you can do is set up a dual tone in the HD500 and have the input for one be the Variax model and for the other one be the magnetics. With this, you could blend the two signal per your preference in real time.

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Page 10 of the Workbench manual.


Magnetics Blend
Use the Magnetics Blend control to blend in the magnetic pickups on your JTV guitar with your model.
Magnetics Blend Preset Volume 0.0 dB Model
Our magnetic pickups are hardwired to the 5-way/3-way switch in your Variax, so whatever pickups you have
selected on your guitar will get blended in here. You could select an Acoustic 12 String model, for example,
and mix in your magnetic pickups for a rich electric/acoustic blend.
Note: The magnetic pickups on your Variax are not alt tuned by the Variax DSP, so best results can be
obtained by blending your magnetics with standard or harmonically compatible tunings only

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