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Helix Equivalent of Amplitube Step Slicer?


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On 6/17/2018 at 5:03 PM, Inerzia said:

The closest thing in Helix would be the Bleat Chop Trem

Actually, this works great. I was trying to get the slicer effect I had stock on my old Boss GT-8 for the solo in a worship song by New Life Worship called Everyone (Praises). I put the Bleat Chop Trem in the signal chain downstream of the amp and IR I was using. I used the Square wave shape, 2.20 hz for the speed, set steps 1 - 4 to 4, left the depth at 10, and bumped the level 6.0 db. I copied and pasted this block twice so that I had three identical blocks in series. It sounds a lot like the effect I had on the GT-8 to my ear.

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