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Using Helix for Vocals(?)


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Does anyone have experience using Helix for Vocal effects? I'm thinking in addition to using it as a guitar amp/processor. I just bought Helix LT for Guitar but now I'm wondering if I could trade it for the "Floor" model (because it has a low impedance input that LT doesn't), - and use it as a vocal effect stomp board as well while I'm also playing thru one channel on guitar with presets being whatever. I'm thinking for delay presets and tube preamps, etc. for a vocal processor before PA.

Does anyone have experience trying to control two completely different inputs at the same time? and how might one go about that? 

Or could I even maybe do it with the LT? 

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The LT doesn't have XLR mic input, but the Floor does, so works well for guitar + vocal. The preamp for the vocal input is pretty darned good. You can create a separate path for your vocal and guitar input/effects/output, and control them via foot switches or "snap shots" (single buttons to change multiple stomp box settings). If you are needing or used to a good vocal harmonizer (like a TC Helicon device), though, the Helix is not up to snuff, although it does some basics OK. But it has good vocal effects for delays, reverbs, chorus, etc). Another thing to note, the Helix has no phantom power available on the XLR input, so you need to use a dynamic mic that doesn't require phantom (or provide a dedicated phantom power box).

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Helix Floor does have phantom on XLR input! 


22. MIC IN Plug your microphone in here for processing your vocals or recording
to your computer via USB. This XLR jack provides 48V phantom power for studio
condenser mics and a variable low cut flter


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Got it! Thank you. The "Floor" is on it's way and the LT is going back. Although it sounds like you 'could' do okay with a small tube pre (Art MP or whatnot) with LT if upgrading is not an option. That's got a nice sounding tube pre with filters and phantom. 

Sounddog: Thats the second time I've heard people say they'd like a nicer harmonizer. Food for thought.

But it sounds like I can have guitar changes assigned to certain foot buttons - while others are simultaneously assigned the vocal path(?) That's cool. 

I'm still not clear what a 'snap shot' is and how that works or how its different than a signal path set up with various effects and perameter settings. 

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There is a vote for a better Helix vocal harmonizer on Line 6 IdeaScale if you want to vote for it:


Think of snapshots this way.....


You have a preset saved that includes multiple effects blocks. Within that preset, you can assign snapshots that specify which effects blocks are turned on or off, and what the settings are for those effects. In that way, a preset could be (for example) a song you are performing, with different snapshots for the verse, chorus, bridge, etc.

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