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How to apply same OD to more then one FS


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Hello, I would like to have


FS 1 : OD with a Comp that is always on

FS 2 : Same OD with a different comp, gain and slapback delay

FS 3 : Same OD, the same “different” comp, gain and another delay.


 My problem is this:


If I assign the OD to FS 1, everything is fine. After that, I assign the same OD to FS2

but it disappears from the FS 1 and go to the FS 2 instead.


Can I assign the same OD to more then one FS? Because If I put 3 times the same OD I don't have enough space for all my effects.


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Snapshots are definitely your first stop. If you're already using them, or for some reason really don't want to be, and still need/want the same block to be switched by two stomp mode switches, you'll need to duplicate the block. If you don't have enough DSP or block slots available to do that, you're SOL.


But snapshots, really.

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