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live work with Helix HX - LED brightness issue


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Good news first....Gigged last night with the helix hx for the first time...worked amazingly well, the amp channel switching is just fantastic, and I found the sounds to be easily comparable with my 'expensive' pedals, with the added bonus of not sucking the tone from the amp when connected. 


On thing that I notice however, was the LED rings in their off position are too bright. It's difficult when playing live to know if they are off or on. Im using the Helix in Stomp mode, so the colours and identification are important to me......


Any way of dimming them?.


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22 hours ago, brue58ski said:


Try those.  They look like they might be flimsy but I've been using them for over a year now and have had no issues.  I got the black ones. I couldn't get a link to work so just do a search.



The downside to this is it renders the capacitive touch feature unusable, which, imo, is almost more important on the HX than on the regular Helix.

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