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JTV-59 3 Way Selector Switch - Works with Variax but not with Pickups

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Hi folks..


Ive just bought a 1yr old JTV-59.   It has a fault with switching between pickups though.


The 3 way selector switch works fine when switching between Variax sounds,  but not when Im trying to switch between the regular pickups.

I can only hear the Neck Pickup.  The other two settngs just give silence..


Could someone please help - is there a part I can buy to swap out?  


May I just say that other than that,  the guitar looks, feels and sounds amazing.  Really exceptional - especially the pickups,  but also the Variax sounds.

sounds amazing  ;))





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It's a complex switch assembly, so don't mess with it, it very touchy in there, probably a solder point.

It could be the pick-up cable, or the pick-up itself. Could even be a debris short.


May seem easy to deal with, but it's also easy to mess up, and those end up on my bench all too often and

take longer to deal with. So leave it to those who know the insides of these. They aren't our fathers guitars.


Make certain your guitar is registered in your account, then log a ticket in your account with Line 6 Custom Support.


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I have a friend who has literally pulled apart various Variaxes and re-built them.  hes a bit of an electronics whizz.

so i do trust him.

Im based in Ireland so if I were to go the Line 6 route is there anyone here that does that work??




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I have a recent purchase JTV-59 that has a similar issue , but the opposite symptom.

The mag PU's switch just fine.  The models do not switch.  The modelling sounds work but the default sounds

for the model comes up when you rotate the knob such as Lester, spank etc....  It just won't switch between the 

various PU sounds in the preset.  Latest software loaded 2.14.  Did not work on previous software either.

Opened ticket, looks like I need to take it to an authorized SC. 

I took photos of the switch cavity.  There is a pair of wires, red & white for each PU that should have shrink on them. 

Neck PU wires did not have shrink and the connection was laying on a soldered joint.  Thought that was the issue.

Put shrink on it but no change.   Mags work fine, models work, but no model PU change when toggle is moved.

I'm open to any suggestions  from you psarkissian to keep this rascal off your bench.  I'm an electronics guy with

years of guitar/amp/fx repair.  I did not pull the switch per your warnings.  I did check that all the terminations were made

in the cavities.  Nothing obvious laying about inside.




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  • 2 years later...

Hello bobruz! I have the exact same issue with mine JTV 59! The mag pickups works fine,but the variax don't change presets... I've disassembled the switch and I measured all the switches(microswitches inside) and terminals,everything seems OK,but still the switch doesn't change the presets in Variax mode... Do you have any progress on your guitar? I'm out of ideas... :( 

Thank you! :)

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Hi Andrioman,
Mine turned out to be faulty switch.  Line6 repair depot fixed it up for me.
I did see some questionable joints, but reflowing them did not solve the problem.
Turnaround was only a week or so in my case.  I live like 2 mins. from authorized service shop.



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Possible reasons,...

-May need to re-install or update Flash memory.

-Problem with the 3-Way switch or switch in the Model encoder assembly (would require a trip to a Line 6 authorized service center).

-Not changing presets could be problem with the Model encoder contacts (would require a trip to a Line 6 authorized service center).


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I see... Thanks to both of you! Now I know where is my problem! :) It's the encoder, because I tried to flush it with some contact spray, but also with WD40 which was a bad idea... Strangely the encoder works perfectly, but maybe there is some contact issue on some pins inside... :)

Unfortunately I don't know where to purchased it in Europe, there is a shop I know, but only for US. 

I'll try to fix it in some way :) 

Thank you guys! 

Cheers! :) 

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" Strangely the encoder works perfectly, but maybe there is some contact issue on some pins inside " --- If it is skipping

over some of the Models,... then yes, it is a failed encoder.


And as far as contact cleaning goes,... 

... something I prepared for the admin for such questions.


Best to have done by an authorized service center,...


    Sc Pecef Tehnica Srl
Ploiesti, Pompelor Street No. 3
Ploiesti, 100 411
Phone: 0344403030



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  • 8 months later...

Most likely the PU selector switch is bad. My JTV-89F had only 3 models on a 5 model selector, 1 and 3 were the same, and 4 and 5 were the same models. I replaced the selector switch I ordered from Full Compass, and it solved the problem. It was that way new, but I never listened close enough to notice that there were not 5 different sounds for one setting choice, only 3. I soldered in the part myself and it has been working fine since then. The only way I knew was by connecting it to theWorkbench HD and saw the selector switch showed in it only a switch of models on 1,3 and 5.


Often people think that switches need the contacts cleaned inside with some cleaner, but more often than not, the contacts need some lubrication so they slide across one another smoothly which helps make good contact. Cleaning just makes it worse IMO.

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