Hi,   This whole thread is packed with info from people who have experience with the Updater. Some are good experiences and some are bad.  :-)   Higher up in these posts there are detailed instructions on how to install the Firmware updates for the Helix. I know that I shouldn’t assume anything here, but I hope that you have read and followed those instructions before reaching this situation.   If you have done all the installation stages listed above, then your “screenshot” simply means that your computer is not able to communicate with your Helix. Once again, this thread is packed with comments about issues with USB connection and the Helix unit. Firstly, I would suggest that your check your USB connection. A point to bear in mind is Helix doesn’t like USB hubs and the advice is - do not use a hub to connect. Also, you mention that you are using a Windows PC, avoid connecting via the ports on the front of your computer - use the rear USB ports.  All this is due to some sort of voodoo that affects the USB.    O.K. now, if you have followed all the instructions above and you are using a good cable into a good USB port, the Updater application should be able to connect to your Helix and if logged in to your Line 6 account you will be able to install the new firmware.   Oh, yeah! Make sure that you do NOT have the HX Edit application open at the same time as the Updater- this is a thing that can screw up USB communication  with your Helix. Best to close anything running in the background while performing the update.   Hope this helps/makes sense.
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