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line6 pod hd500x crashes my cubase

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Hey guys, I'm starting with a education on music producing in september. To be well prepared I bought a brand new laptop (cause I have to be able to take it to class) and the latest version of Cabase 9.5 pro. I use a line 6 pod hd500x which I have recorded with succesfully on my old acer laptop.

Whenever I select the line 6 pod in cubase my laptop crashes and gives a blue screen of death.

I can use the pod outside of cubase as a soundcard with no problems whatsoever.

Things I've tried:

- Updated the drivers from line 6

- tried asio4all driver

- connected the pod via different usb ports.

- tried to record with my old line 6 ux2 pod, this one doesn't give a BSOD. It does give some clicks en hickups though.

Nothing seems to help...


- Lenovo Legion Y520 laptop: Specs: https://www.cnet.com/products/lenovo-legion-y520/specs/

- Cubase 9.5. pro

- line 6 pod hd500x

Is anyone familiar with this problem? I'm getting quite frustrated...

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