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oops.... I bought an Axe FX III.... but...

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25 minutes ago, millerguitar said:


I sold the AX8 to beat the AX8 mass sell off and picked up an Amplifire 6 to tide me over for the new FAS piece.  Part of my angst is knowing what I was able to accomplish with the AA6 at it's price point.  There is still a significant difference between the AA6 and FAS algorithms, but it's definitely a solid piece of gear.  So dropping $2K+ on the AFIII and another $400 on a controller is making me take pause.   Any suggestions on how to try a Helix out?  I don't know anyone who owns one and I really don't want to order one online with the intention of taking advantage of a generous return policy.


Some Guitar Centers stock the Helix Floor, and more stock the LT... Not sure if you're near any, but it's still possible to try it a brick and mortar store. You would need to be cognizant of what it's plugged into at those places. Most GCs don't do a good job at setting up good demo stations for modeling gear, unfortunately.

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Just spent the last hour with Helix native...I'm impressed.  There is a strong possibility that I'll be a Helix Floor owner within the next week.

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On 6/20/2019 at 11:51 AM, Digital_Igloo said:

There are a handful of sketchy and/or downright slimy companies in this business (clinically psychopathic or narcissistic founders, CEOs who've been fired multiple times for sexual harassment, stop paying their licensees or vendors, sue everybody for perceived slights, blatantly copy designs and even hack firmware), but Fractal's one of the good ones. Kemper and Atomic are cool too. Always nice to see people supporting them.


Hard to believe I just saw this!  I have been treated well by Kemper, Line 6 and Fractal.  Very nice words from DI here!   Also, any conflicts in the old parts of the thread

were not intended with the original post.  I just like multiple toys.  Finally got brave enough to sell my backup (Helix LT) to a buddy of mine in another band and

just use Helix floor and Axe 3.  I don't need triple redundancy ... (***Says a little quick prayer***)...   


Good to see the usual kind words for a competitor from the Line 6

guys!  I'd expect nothing less.  Helix value and my attachment to it are why I'll keep one (and use regularly).  I prefer Helix in my church gigs due to the all in one package

and I don't lose any tone quality in doing so.  I've always leaned toward one unit is a rack and external pedal and my other go to digital rig would be an all in one pedal

if both were pretty close in tone and horsepower. 


But kudos again to @Digital_Igloo and all the other Line 6 employees that frequent here and other boards!!!   Great products and excellent service with a smile (even

when a smile is not necessarily deserved by the customer)!!!  You guys rock!!!

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Nothing- NOTHING wrong with multiple toys glideman. I wish I had an FX-III. But I love my Helix and my Kemper. I use them both all the time. And it was also mentioned (not by you) in this thread that ordering 3 items and knowing you are going to return 2 of them is somehow taking advantage of their return policy. I disagree. Why?


1. Because that is the policy that "THEY" made, not me. And I did not violate anything by trying out their product and then returning it after the choice was made. I followed "their" policy, be it one item returned, or TEN. 

2. It's much easier on me, (the customer) to try out all 3 ( or 10) items at once and decide by recent comparisons between them right then, versus weeks in between shipment.

3. And finally, there is no way in which to try out a Kemper, Helix, Boss, and esp. an Axe FX III at Guitar Center or anywhere else usually. They can not afford the inventory or it's not available but thru a certain company. And then they only stock what the bean counters tell them is selling like hot-cakes anyway, usually 3 to 4 times what they bought it for in bulk.

4. And finally, if the maker has made the "best" product to begin with, then they have no reason to worry about it being returned... ; )


As always, YMMV on this. I can see where some might think this idea is wrong, OTOH if you take very good "care" of what you return to the vendor then their mark-up is only reduced by a 3rd (or less) of the overall overblown cost of the item, and they (the middleman) won't lose anything, they just won't make as much as they wanted to on it. ; ) There are very few pluses in buying musical equipment these days, and this is one of them. Take advantage of it while it lasts. 







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Yep.  Most of my posts with the major players is to share with others what I've had and what I've sold.

The key here is that you and I know that we could live with any of the major players for a solution.  Most of the time, I tend to have one

of one brand and one of the other for a backup/change of pace and one for church and one for my secular rock band.


I usually keep them for beyond the return windows unless I get a dud or absolutely hate the product.  If I couldn't have 2 or 3 at a time, I'd probably

do what some others have done and cycle through them even if it meant a return of one or two.  You pretty much pointed out the massive markup for

retailers on guitars and music products.  It's not my regular practice, but I don't frown on someone else having to do it.


I do enough business with all of them to where they more than make up for the losses for returns anyway.  LoL!

I am a MusiCraKHo...... LoL!!!

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