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Question about audio interface needed

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I am going to buy an audio interface so that I can record guitar parts on my laptop using my line 6 Spider V and my Laptop running Win 10.

My question is, will a single input unit work or do I need to buy a unit with at least 2 xlr ports?


I have never used one, I read and understand I need to get one to record properly, even if I just want to capture my guitar stuff, so I looked at a bunch and I am just not sure if I order a unit with only 1 xlr connection I think I will be ok for what I want to do, but since I dont know much about these things and havent used one before I just wanted to ask before I bought one.


I literally just want to be able to set up then record my guitar work from time to time so I dont forget ideas I am working on.


I noticed some units have 1, 2, 3, 4,  xlr inputs,  and I guess if I were going to run a complicated multi source recording I could see the need for other inputs, but I am 99% sure for what I want to do a single xlr unit will suffice, can anyone reassure me about that?





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I would say the more inputs you have, the better. If your hobby develops you might eventually want to upgrade. If you're going to keep using line 6, i would suggest the ux2, affordable second hand and enough inputs. If you are using Windows 10, i wouldn't recommend line6 interfaces, until they sort the drivers out. The focusrite scarlet seems to be a popular alternative

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You don't need an audio interface if you just want to plug the Spider V amp into your computer and record the DI - the amp has a USB output for this.   You would only need an audio interface if you wanted to mic the speaker of the amp.

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I'm currently recording songs on my computer and the quality of my microphone is awful and the microphone is very quiet. That doesn't surprise me, because it's a 20$ karaoke microphone... I got into a shop and wanted to look for a new microphone. The shop assistant suggested me to buy an USB Audio Interface first and he suggested me the "Roland Tri Capture" to start. Because I'm very new to the world of recording and don't want to spend 150$ unnecessary I wanted to ask you guys how important such an interface is? CCleaner Happy Wheels VLC

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If you only anticipate recording your amp, and only ever using 1 microphone, you can use an audio interface with a a single mic preamp - however many people find that having 2 input (to use 2 microphones or to caputer ra DI + a mic) can be very useful.  There are a number of AIs with 1 mic input and one instrument input - Steinberg, Forcusrite, etc, for $99, but for $150, the choices with 2 mic inputs is huge.

The Roland Tri-Capture is discontinued, does this dealer have a used one available?  It should sell for about $75, it was $125 when new - but the problem will be that there may not be drivers available for your current O/S.

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