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Need help for Petrucci's delay setting


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Hi guys..

I would like to get the same cascade effect on the delay that John Petrucci is using during live performances. You can hear it here:




From what I can read in the description, Petrucci is using the Dual Delay effect from Fractal stuff.

I thought I could use the Dual Delay stereo block in the Helix, but this delay lacks the cross-feedback between L and R channels you have in the Fractal that generate that cascade effect.


Any idea or chance to replace this tone also in the Helix?





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I found this


On clean and rhythm sounds, he tends to use a subtle stereo delay/chorus effect of ~20-25m panned hard left/right with no regeneration (i.e. 1 repeat only).  On leads, he tends to use a stereo delay with ~460ms on one side and ~600ms on the other, with three repeats each.


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Thanks guys.

The tone I'm referring to is the tone Petrucci has during live performances in 2017/2018, and there he is using an Axe FX for the delay.

Anyway, I think I've found a solution stacking two dual delays with switched L/R time and tweaking the mix parameters to avoid infinite feedback. This should simulate the "cross-feedback" capability of the Axe FX.

In the next weeks I will upload the patch and a video showing the result.



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