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JTV/Workbench HD with Helix & HD Edit

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1) When I use Helix to connect my JTV to the computer so I can use Workbench HD. Can I run the HX Edit program at the same time or does that confuse things.

2) If I can have them both running, can I use the HX Edit program to change the models etc or does the Workbench HD program completely take over the control of the JTV. Or does using both just confuse the programs and is dangerous?


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Stand by to be told that you cannot run them both at the same time... however, I've done it numerous times without an issue. I'm guessing it depends on how much horsepower the computer has...I'm running everything on MacBook Pro  with 16GB of RAM, and it works for me. As far as "danger" is concerned... I can't see any. They'll either both work, or they won't, but I can't imagine anything is gonna burst into flames. Never bothered trying to use HX Edit to trigger anything in Workbench... I'm either using one or the other. But I've had them both open and functioning plenty of times. 

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