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Recommended Helix setup for use as outboard hardware from Apollo

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I wanted to use my Helix as an effects loop processor (i.e. low latency hardware effects) from my DAW via Apollo 8p interface.  I assume at utility connection via the Logic Pro X DAW (correct/optimal?)l; so I wanted to know the best practices for cabling and configuration.   To this point I have normally used the Helix as a floor effects processor, but I wanted to route it in for use as an alternative to purchasing dedicated rack processors.  I wanted to be able to send through to the Helix from my DAW, and get back processed channel back to my DAW, using Apollo as necessary.  Basically, just a cabling/routing, software/interface configuration question.


I hope this makes sense and thanks so for the help-- great forum, have learned a lot (much more to go, obviously).

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I have the same equipment too.   I think the right way to go is out of Apollo into Helix and into DAW.    That way you can use the mic/amp models from Apollo and the effects only loop from Helix.


Not sure if there is a better way but that's the way I'm going for now.

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