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Help: Helix LT in the effects loop of my Runt 50 for effects only. 3CM not 4CM


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I have a Helix LT, a Friedman Runt 50 Head, Mesa 2x12, and a Gibson R9.


I want to run the Helix LT near my monitor as my effects processor, and also use it to switch the channels on the Friedman head (I'll worry about that later). I just want to use the Helix LT's effects through the effects loop of the Friedman, but I can't figure out how to get that to work and get sound. I watched a Line 6 video that shows the 4 cable method, but I don't want (or need) to do that. I just want to use mod/delay/reverb. I don't need OD, Boost, Comp, or anything else to go into the front end of the amp.


If I'm creating a brand new preset, and just want to add in all those effects mentioned above, how do I connect the LT to the Friedman? I tried guitar in/1/4" out, and that didn't give me signal, and then I tried the effects loop of the LT, and same result. I didn't set up any patches yet so I don't know if that would effect it. I assumed I would just get dry signal regardless.




Also, if anyone wants to help me set up button "D" (the bottom one) to change channels on my get bonus points. Thanks!

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If you don't need any pre-amp effects from the helix, then the entire helix should go in the effects loop. Plug your guitar to the amp input, fx loop send to helix input, and helix output to fx loop return. 

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