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Pod X3 Live Usb Device Not Recognized

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Recently bought a macbook air with snow leopard and I can not connect my pod x3 live. I've tried all the steps above and nothing. Does not recognize the pod x3. I am using usb cable new, my macbook air is old and uses snow leopard OSX 10.6.8. 

When I use my laptop with windows works but not on Mac. Plz, help me!

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You are right, support is still available till end of this year. They couldn't provide a solution because Gearbox won't be updated.

But.... Last night after trying few things got it working and the funny thing is that what it causes Gearbox not to work on Mavericks is not Gearbox itself but the latest driver with the added support for Mavericks. This is what I did:

To remove driver 7.3.6

1- On a terminal run this command   sudo pkgutil --forget com.line6.driver.xtaudio.package (enter)

2- Then this sudo pkgutil --forget com.line6.driver.xtmidi.package (enter)

3- Reboot

To install driver 7.2.9

4- Downloaded driver version 7.2.9  http://line6.com/software/readeula.html?rid=5675

5- Run the 7.2.9 driver package to install it and ended the process with a reboot


After that Gearbox is working on Mavericks, at least that was my experience.

Hope this helps



Thanks Alejandro It worked for me on Imac 27" i5 with mavericks.

Thank you Again


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