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HX Effects 2.6 - Tuner kills path B on right input


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Running an HX Effects, I seemed to have hit a snag with v2.6 that I don't recall ever noticing with 2.54. I run multiple instruments and utilize the 2 paths and multiple inputs extensively. 


  1. Machine is loaded with 2.6 & I have done a full reset for testing.
  2. I originally noticed this on existing patches, but I did create a simple test patch from scratch and can re-create the problem every time.
  3. Expression pedals, and expression pedal settings do not have any effect on the results. 


The problem

If I use both inputs with separate instruments, PATH B does not return for the right input after using the tuner. 


A Recipe to try... (I would appreciate people trying this and reporting back... please don't make any assumptions and follow the recipe closely)

  • Start with a blank patch
  • Load a tremolo in the first slot, and a reverb in the 2nd (any effect will do, I use these because they are in your face and obvious)
  • In the signal flow page, drop the Reverb to path B
  • Make sure the input Y is moved to the front of the chain. Leave all settings to default... no need to adjust the Y
  • IMPORTANT: Plugin two different instruments to the L/R inputs... If you only have one instrument you need to use a dummy jack in the other input for proper testing. 



  • INITIAL RESULT: You will hear both effects from both the L and R input. This is the correct result.
  • Now engage the tuner, then turn the tuner off (do not change patches)
  • RESULT: The left input still sounds correct. The right input will not have any reverb (path b), just the tremolo from path A



  • Changing patches and returning will correct the problem until you engage the tuner again.
  • If you hard pan the inputs to the paths, the right input becomes completely silent in this test
  • There are many more scenario's I have tested to varying degrees of results... but the one provided here appears to be the simplest and most obvious.
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