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Variax 500 not found by Line 6 Monkey

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Hi, I've not had much luck looking through these forums for someone who has had the same issue.  A few years ago I tried to reflash my guitar but it failed mid-update and I effectively bricked it.  I have dusted it off and I am trying to reinstall the firmware by reflashing. 


I have a Variax 500, connected to my Mac via the Variax USB Interface.  The interface recognises the Variax as I have the two green lights. 


Line 6 monkey cannot see the Variax when it scans my devices, just the USB interface.  When trying to reflash/update the guitar I have downloaded the correct .vxf file from the Line 6 website, yet I have no idea what to do with that.  


I have the original Workbench software installed and it cannot see the Variax.


Anybody got any ideas?


Older equipment just isn't worth the bother sometimes!





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I would suggest uninstalling the current version of Line 6 Monkey, then download an OLDER version and install the older version and test it.



I have a Variax Acoustic 700 on which I wanted to update the Flash Memory.

The current Line 6 Monkey (v1.77) did not "see" my Acoustic 700.

Line 6 Monkey (v1.70) finally "saw" my Acoustic 700 and I was able to reflash the memory.


I can only conclude that Line 6 has not carried full support for older products into the newest versions of Line 6 Monkey.


[Note:  I downloaded and tested ALL of the Line 6 Monkey versions between 1.77 and 1.70.  I had to go back to 1.70 to get it to work].



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