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Squeezing more volume out of the Powercab


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Ok, I had my first gig with the PC last night.

Overall I found the PC slightly lacking in volume (we are not a super loud band, I'd say pretty medium)


I have the input gain set so the LED just clips red when I turn on my Clean solo boost and hammer a clean power chord.

So basically enough signal going into the PC I'd say.


I had the volume up full but did not feel the sound was loud enough.

I use a strat with vintage output pickups so I'm not driving the hell out off the input, but I'm sure Im sending enough signal in.


My question is this:

Is there a way to turn up the volume AFTER the input stage, for example a level control for each speaker model?

I know the vol of IRs can be changed in the settings to compensate, but can I turn up the speaker models within the PC?


My old on-stage solution was a single Line 6 L2T cab via Line 6 link and that had a LOT more volume.

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With speaker models, the only gain stage after the input stage is the (master) volume stage. Once the input LED is flashing and the volume knob is all the way up, there's nothing more.


L2t: 800 W, 128 dB

Powercab 112 Plus: 250 W, 125 dB


A 3 dB increase is equal to a doubling of power. The specs say that an L2t should be about twice as loud as a Powercab 112 Plus.


You should try running the output of the Powercab into the PA mixer and adding a bit of volume in the mains or in your monitor, depending on where you want more volume.


I have my Powercab facing me (tilted back and pointed at the side of my head) and facing away from the rest of the band and away from the audience. The PA monitors and mains give the rest of the band and the audience whatever volume they each need.

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Correct - I meant boost the output level in your patch (likely the Multi Output setting in your patch). Doing this works great for me and adds plenty of volume (same for adding a gain block in the patch if needed). Hope that helps - if not I have no other ideas either.

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Thanks guys, very helpful advice.

I found getting the PC up to head height helps with volume but I'm not convinced it's right for me yet.


I will keep using and see if I can make the PC work with my band.

I can get some more stage level through my personal (vocal) monitor, but hey, I just hoped the PC had been designed to deliver more output volume for gigging situations.

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