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Multiple Inputs to DT25 combo?

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Hi All


I'm thinking about getting a DT25 combo together with an HD500x pedalboard.  I know that I can connect the two using the L6 link but what I want to know is do that mean I can use the front input for something else?


I have a Roland GR55 guitar synth which I would like to plug into the front of the amp so I don't need to take a second amp out for that board.  Obviously, I'll just have a "clean" patch on the HD500x and DT25 when using the GR55 so that the tones from that pedal are simply amplified rather than coloured further.


Anyone know if that's possible?



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I don't think so. If you use the L6 link I do not think the amp will receive additional inputs.

I think the best solution for what you are trying to achieve is to run the Roland GR55 into the HD500X FX returns.

You can adjust the returns in each individual patch.


Hope this helps

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aux input is as good as the FX return. Why not just plug the GR55 into the Aux Input and program the patch for the GR55 to use that shutting off the GTR input? Since you have a patch anyway for the GR55, seems like that would be pretty simple.

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