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Pod Hd 300 Background Noise....service Says I Need A New Ad Board

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Signal is clean going in....coming out of the AD board (?), described as the main board.....there's some snap, crackle and pop on every channel....it's always done this....I just thought it was normal. Service center was able to re-create as well.


I only knew I had an issue when my buddy noticed it, and, since he has one too, we compared....his is dead quiet, no background noise. I wish I would have realized it before the warranty ran out. It sounds like when your input is dirty on an amp....can't really hear it live unless I'm all by myself.


So...$175.00 to fix....but BB is selling these now for $199.000....so IF I buy another, that's probably what I'll do....now I know what to listen for and hopefully not hear.


Posting just in the hopes that someone else has had this issue, and has another way of dealing with it. I've hard reset it, cleaned the jacks, tried another power supply, tried all my guitars, etc.


I may just cut my losses and stick with my analog rig.....#feelingsorryformyself lol.

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i have the same problem sound like a crap!!!!! buzzing!!!! tweaking!!!! saturator!!!!!!! when the distor comes! and clean sounds like wind!!!! water!!!! earth jajajajajajajaja help! help! help!

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I'm just facing the same problem, all I get is a buzzing sound out of both outputs on a POD HD300 and I have to be on-stage on Friday  :S   I hope I can find some support in the music shop I got it from. 


this is really disappointing, I think I paid a lot of money for it thinking it was robust, I think it is not.


I have re-installed the firmware and drivers, the sound got a little bit better but I sill have an amount of buzzing sound that is not acceptable, I'm trying to go back to a previous Firmware version and see if it works

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