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Powercab 112 Plus Cabinet Screen Vibration


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I just got a Powercab 112 Plus and I've been getting a crazy vibration noise, as if something in the cabinet is taking on a sympathetic vibration. It turns out it is the grille cloth over the bottom left vent vibrating. When I press the cloth it stops vibrating and the noise goes away. It's very loud and annoying. Certainly can't mike the cabinet with this going on.


Has anyone else experienced this? It's really annoying and I am debating on whether to return the unit. BTW, is there a way to remove the grille? This may be the alternative way to use the Powercab, though not desirable. At least if I removed it my theory of it being the grille cloth vibrating could be validated.



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On 7/16/2018 at 8:44 PM, Lawrence23 said:

A few posts on here about vibrations with the Amplifi and L2t. How do I remove the grille to test whether it's the screen that is vibrating or if it is actually a structural issue with the cabinet?


You got me... I've lurked through the bowels of various cabinets over the years, and the grille is often stretched across a frame that's mounted to the cabinet with screws that are accessed from the inside. Never pulled one of these apart though, so I have no idea.

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