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synth keys in Narcotic - Liquido with Helix LT?


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Hello, can someone help me out? I used to play the intro (and ongoing keys, the riff) from song Narcotic-Liquido with the Boss GT8 setting to Synth guitar. Now I'm trying to get a simular (or at least acceptable) sound with the Helix but can't get it done. (due to less time, I admit).

I tried things like Twin Harmony etc in the Pitch/Synth models but nothing is satisfying.

I know this isn't a synthesizer but think it can do better than my affort. Preset added.


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9 hours ago, JazzMetalBear said:

I’m just gonna say that I’ve played this exact song on my last gig. Strange coincidence...


Nevertheless, I used only distortion, delay and reverb for big, arena sound.

Hi JazzMetalBear, could you upload your preset? I want to give this a try.


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