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HX Effects Channel Control


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New owner to HX Effects!


I'm using 4CM and trying to get better control of channel switching. I have an Orange TH30 head and I'm trying to figure a few things out.


1.) Can I globally set the channel as off or clean?

2.) This ties in to question one but is there a way to flip polarity for channel switching?

3.) And is it possible to not lose a foot-switch for channel changing? 


Basically I want the default to be the clean channel with foot switch not lit and then when "On" or "Dirty" the foot-switch is lit.


I'd love if the HX Edit or somewhere in the screen allowed me simply build a patch/preset/snapshot and choose the channel the amp should be without having to program a switch for that.


Make sense? Can anyone help with these?



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You can use instant messages to control the EXT Amp switching when you change snapshot or preset. Just program one snapshot with dirty configuration (i.e. Tip) and other(s) with the clean configuration (i.e. Ring). Go to Command Center to do that, or use the HX Edit (mutch better :-)). You need to change from one snapshot to another to change channels.

If you have the amp pre on a HX FX Loop (maybe you have if you are using 4CM) you can program a button to bypass it (no led polarity problems), or a external pedal, or with a instant message just like the configuration above. In this case you can lose some Amp FX like the amp reverb when you bypass the FX loop.


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