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Put a Tube Amp in My Effects Loop


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I designed and tried to sell a 7W MIDI controllable tube amp about 10 years ago. I wasn't using it much myself after getting into first the Axe-FX and now the Helix. Plus it's lacking an effects loop, but it does have a line-level out with a built-in speaker load.


I put the amp in my effects loop after wah, compressor, chorus and distortion and followed by an IR block, reverb and delay. It sounds great, especially the cleaner tones.


The great thing about the Helix is that I can use the control center setup to send MIDI commands to the tube amp to select pre-amp drive, control various parameters and select the output tube type. Then I can use the snapshots to select among 8 different cabinet IRs.


I am loving the number of tonal choices I can get with this setup on a single preset. I think there are several other low wattage tube amps with line-level outputs that could be used in this configuration.


Let me know if you have tried this.

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