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Spider V 60 ordered!


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Agonised over this decision for weeks but just pulled the trigger. Currently have a Mustang GT40 but not getting on with it, cleans great but that’s it. Spent ages and just can’t create nice OD sounds. Also it sounds way better through headphones especially when combined with backing tracks.

Apart from the odd tones I’ve only really used it as an amp to play iPad apps like Tonebridge through on a sonic port. Really wanted an all in one amp with full range speakers for backing track so plumped for the V 60 with G10T. Having owned an original Amplifi 75 I actually prefer the tethered IPad connection. It’s quicker streams music and more importantly charges at the same time! I also use the iPad for backing tracks which I can slow down for practice and watch instruction videos. Wish Blackstar and others would have great apps like Line 6. The Fender app although wireless is not in the same league for ease of use or design!

now have to wait a few days to get it, fingers crossed but have tried a V120 and liked that alongside a VOX Vt40x 


ps found a rediculously cheap UK deal that I won’t post here as it maybe a mistake and don’t want it taken down until others can take advantage of it but PM if interested

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Spider V's are very good amps. The 60's and above are they way to go. I have  Spider V 240 and love the heck out of it.  I won't use any volume settings above the 1/2 way mark. It will blow the paint off the walls!  The V 60 is perfect for around the house and outside to impress your neighbors.  You will really like the MANY different sounds you can develope!   Tweeking  the amp makes you feel like a kid in a candy factory! I have had mine for a couple of months now and still have not reached all the output possibilities! Wow.....You will be turned into a sound scientist!  Have fun...ENJOY!!!

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