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No Sound When Playing Back Recordings From Sdhc Card

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I've discussed this issue at length with Line 6 support.  I'm not sure that we ever figured the cause, but this is what I came up with.


Basically if you create a new setup called "My Band A" for example.  Whatever initial folder that you create on your SD card to hold recordings for that setup is the only folder which could be used.


If you tried to use that recording folder with any other setup, you get blank recordings.


If you opened setup "My Band a" then selected a different folder on the SD card, you get blank recordings.


If you put the SD card in your computer and deleted that initial recording folder, then put the SD card back in the M20D and created a new folder, even with the same name.  You get blank recordings.


At that point, the only thing that would work was to create a new setup from scratch.  Then create that your initial recording folder again.


I think all of this has been fixed in the latest firmware update.  The setups are no longer tied to a particular recording folder, and the recording folders are no longer tied to a specific setup.

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