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My Humble Studio


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I enjoy seeing other folks' gear and studios, so I figured I'd share mine. I have my Kemper feeding into my Helix which in turn feeds into the mixer when I play without headphones. The mixer feeds a second "zone" mixer under my monitor, which in turn feeds the studio monitors in one zone and my pair of L3t's in a second zone, that way I can easily control the levels. Helix also serves as my computer audio interface. Yes, my computer is an old 2009 Mac Pro cheese grater. It still works decently, though, after I upgrade the drives to SSD and added a bunch of memory.


So at the touch of a button, I can play through the Kemper or the Helix amp models. Often, I'll disable able the effects in the Kemper and incorporate it into one of my Helix patches with a send/return block where the amp/cab would normally go. This sounds really great. Kemper sounds very good on its own, though, too.


Guitars are a Suhr Modern T and a Les Paul Standard HP (2017). The bass is a Schecter Hellraiser (and it does :-)). It's hard to see it on top of the UPS to the left of my computer, but I have a Relay G10 sitting there that feeds the Helix - wireless is wonderful. On the floor is the Helix, of course, the Kemper remote, a BeatBuddy drum pedal, a Trio+ band-in-a-box, and a 3-button USB foot controller that I use for record/play/stop control Logic. Other stuff on the shelf is my Boss SY-300 which I need to get hooked back up, my Mel9, FreqOut, a little Marshal Code 25, my Peterson tuner (fed first by my Relay G10), my Suhr Reactive Load box that I use for profiling amps with the Kemper, and a Laney IronHeart 15w tube amp. Bottom shelf is another UPS for my gear and a Boss Loopstation RC-300.


On the other side behind me are my L3t's, my electronic drum kit (silent through headphones - yay! - I'm still married and not divorced). The drum kit can also feed the L3t's if I want to play it without headphones. There's my old Spider IV 150 head on top of the two 4x12's. Next to that is my Marshall DSL40C combo. I don't play those much anymore, but I fired them up last weekend when a friend from this forum came over and we both agreed they still sound pretty darn good! That old Spider IV kind of surprised us both at how good it sounded through those cabinets.


The guitar in the corner is a Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid Solo II with a Floyd Rose. That's a very nice guitar, but it's in time-out - needs some setup work.


Not in the photos is a 61 key MIDI keyboard on a keyboard X stand. I don't play keyboards, but it's handy for tapping in drum beats into EZDrummer and experimenting with various virtual instruments.















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58 minutes ago, Verne-Bunsen said:

If that studio is "humble", then I can't begin to imagine what the word for my little space would be. You've definitely got it going on, very nice.


Thanks! It's been quite a number of years in the making.


54 minutes ago, Hilpatajutaa said:

That humble studio is awesome. I have to admit that I'm a bit jealous. Also you must treat your lady with respect.


We have a deal - she's buys something nice, I buy something nice, as long as our budget allows. We take turns. This year, her's was a ridiculously expensive African Grey Parrot that she refuses to let me name "Little Wing" (Hendrix). Mine was the Suhr Tele. :-)


44 minutes ago, soundog said:

Do you study your scales and chords while laying on your back?


That's so I can look up while drumming and not get bored. :-) I'm kidding!! Drumming is HARD. Fun as all get out, but hard! Actually, my workstation used to be on that side and while playing, I could just look up for quick reference. That only worked so so, hurts your neck after a while and my eyes aren't so great in my old age so that's why I haven't bothered to move them.


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....same here, still remodeling and will be adding some more speakers (really big ones). And a much larger console (need lots more channels). I'll probably knock out the walls so I can fit in more stuff. Or maybe move into a bigger space. Whatever.





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Kept getting more stuff so had to take a newer photo.
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