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iOS app Freezing?


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trouble ticket riased!

discovered app does not run in backround meaning every time you return to the app it attempts to reconnect.

this is successful some times but only if the duration between switching is short.

whole point is to be able to use a music app to play backing tracks etc while returning to spider app to change tones so at the moment pretty useless

i have also tried a few other ios devices all with simular results. also there is no plroblem unless amp is connected. my mustang GT used to do the same despite being wireless, untill it was sorted in ios app update. would have thought the wired connection would be more reliable

i have resisted delving further into this amp untill the issue can be resolved


any ideas appreciated


cheers guys

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Thanks for posting this Pacemaker. I have been experiencing the same freezing issue for a couple of months now. Only happens when the Line 6 Spider Remote app is running in the background and you switch it to the front again (as you said). I’m hoping that the company will correct this via an app update soon. 

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Done some research and looks like Apple only allow apps to run for a short period in background mode. You’ll notice if you switch back quickly it will still work. But app works ok when amp is not connected.

thanks for letting me know it’s not just me


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I’m guessing this was a recent change on Apple’s part. I have had my Spider V for over a year and have only experienced this problem during the last 2-3 months. Prior to that, I was able to leave the app running in the background, bring it forward to make adjustments and it would never freeze (no matter how long it had been running in the background). This is a relatively recent issue with the app. Also, I don’t have this freezing issue with any other apps. Not sure that this helps you, though. 

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Just bumping this as was told by tech they are aware and it will be addressed in update. On this I kept the amp passed its return date. So bit annoyed nothing is happening.

please add if you are also troubled with this fault.



or better still if you’re a tech reply that a fix is imminent


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