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Effect settings saved? Global Recall/Save options?


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Ok, with getting my Helix back from repair, and finally having a laptop that can run HX Edit to make editing easier…I’ve decided to go back to running Song per preset w/snapshots for changes, but still keep my Stock Sound presets as well for jamming purposes. 


However, getting into setting up snapshots has got me thinking about something I don’t recall being mentioned or brought up, and didn’t know if it’s a non-viable option or something that hasn’t been mentioned (maybe I’m missing something, entirely possible). 


With setting up 67 presets, and 154 total snapshots (it still seems to be growing in size) it makes me long for a Global Amps Slot concept or being able to save Effect/Amp blocks settings specifically without having to copy/paste from another preset.  Being able to recall a previously saved setup for a block would be so much more efficient than jumping between 2 presets and having to constantly save one of them (unless I’m missing something process wise).  I basically use 7-8 stock sounds, and then its copy/paste, and edit any effects or unique things to that song.  A majority of our setlist is geared around 80’s/90’s rock so I’d say 75% of my presets are using the same 2 or 3 sounds.  This can be tricky when trying to make a change/improvement to my tone that I discover thanks to videos like Jason Sadites ones or several others I have seen. 



Is there anything that prevents them from allowing individual blocks from being saved or recalled?

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I don't know of any way to do this from within HX Edit.

However, if you're reasonably technical and careful, this thread might help: 



You could use a text editor to copy and paste your favorite settings on the associated block. Or you could write a script that automatically did that to multiple hlx files.

Of course, you could also render the hlx files completely unusable if you're not careful...



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Yeah I'm not that savvy...lol. 


Not saying the current workflow isn't bad, especially if there was a way to open a 2nd preset or 2nd HX Edit program to be able to copy/paste between without having to constantly resave before grabbing the next block.


I guess I'll just have to keep a sheet of notes for which presets have which amp blocks in them


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