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Helix LT pedal problem


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The issue was that there was one metal stamping machine out a dozen or so that was cutting the housing incorrectly. This affected the first two production runs, but not every unit in those runs - just the ones with parts made on that machine.


It has been corrected, but there’s a small chance that there may be defective ones flotation around still. The reports of this happening have drastically dropped off over the last few months, though  so they seem to have made there way out of the system now. The long and short of it is that it shouldn’t dissuade you from buying an LT. Even if you are unlucky and manage to get a defective one, Line 6 will replace it.

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10 hours ago, roscoo67 said:

I just bought the helix LT. I just checked the firmware and its 2.21. Can I just load the latest firmware 2.60 or do I have to load all the other ones before the latest firmware.




Hi, roscoo67,


You can go straight to version 2.60.

Instructions for "How to" were created by phil_m (above), and you can find them right here.



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