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Looper auto start

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Hi guys

Just got my 240c yesterday. Really impressed so far but scratching my head over the looper.


Is there an auto start feature with the onboard looper? Physically pressing the panel button to initialise the looper seems rather pointless, so I’m guessing there is? If not, I’m hoping this could be implemented in a future update.


My old trusty cube80xl has a handy auto start looper option. Simply long press the loop button, the button flashes rapidly waiting for an input signal, once you start playing it starts recording the loop. Everything after this behaves as is.


I wasn’t planning on buying the optional floorboard.


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Spider V currently does not have an auto-start feature, the easiest way to use the looper is to control is with a floorboard like the FBV 3. You can post feature requests at https://line6.ideascale.com/ . End users can vote on your idea and Line 6 product managers do check in on ideascale. 

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