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Comfortably Numb Tone


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Anybody got this tone replicated?

ive tried ALL the cloud tones and none sound right to me.

been struggling to get this tone for ages and thought the spider would work as it has the correct amp (Hiwatt) and fuzz (big muff) but sounds dreadful to me so far. 

I know it’s never gong to be possible to replicate it perfectly on a modelling amp but can’t even get close. 

Ive tried the Tonebridge app, Fender Mustang GT downlLads and even amps like bias fx and amps ligule etc


so, anybody got close?


cheers guys

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Check out for help with getting David Gilmour tone. DG used Tube Driver and compressor stomp boxes.   Using the bridge pickup on a strat is another ingredient.  DG uses a Seymour Duncan SSL-1 bridge pickup in his black strat. Heavy delay is a big component too. I use an FX100 and it does a decent job.   I prefer the Civil War Big Pi fuzz model in my LA Lady pedal over the Big Pi model in the FX100. 

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