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New Pedal Models


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No offence mate, but I've been playing nearly 25 years, love from Bieber to Black Sabbath, all styles of music and guitar, and never heard of the Tycobrahe Parapedal Wah. I've said before (not meaning you), These companies emulate or recreate amps and pedals which defined guitar sounds, From Eddies Plexi to SRV to Vai.


In a nutshell, If I haven't heard of it, there is a good chance that it is in the small niches of diehard tones that HD owners want only from selfish view, or cos their fav band/guitarist  uses one.


I'm not a wiki on pedals or amps, but 25 years of guitar shows and exhibitions, have given me a good perespective mate.


( Now I've said that, I bet the next update will include the Tycobrahe Parapedal Wah!)

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RIBLUES I think you can see where I'm coming from, the Dallas-Arbiter Rangemaster Treble Booster is a classic pedal, nobody can argue this, didn't Tony Iommi also use one of these? Bentvicar has a valid point, but surely Boss, Digitech, Line 6, must have had some serious deliberation and meetings about what pedals to include without missing out on an obvious classic.


Selfishly, I would love the Electro Harmonix Electric Mistress Flanger, but that's the way the ball goes

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