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HX edit no longer connecting to my Helix

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 My helix and my Desktop PC never cooperated together since the beginning.  Loading patches / setlists / updating would always cause a crash on the helix / hxedit.  I have opened up a ticket for this, uninstalling drivers / reinstalling drivers and hxedit and other software.  Eventually I was pointed to a USB trouble shooting guide which didn't help at all.   So I've had to use my trash compacter of a laptop for all of those endeavors.  I can usually open up HX edit and make minor patch adjustments or switch patches on my desktop, which is all I need it for.  


Today that has stopped.  My helix and HXedit will no longer connect to each other at all.  Very frustrating. Does anyone have any suggestions for me that can help solve this issue?  I really do not understand why Helix software and my desktop PC don't get a long.  


Both laptop and PC run windows 10.  PC was custom built 5 years ago with high end hardware, laptop is simple I3 machine with nothing fancy, is about 3 years old.    Any suggestions? 


Thank you

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Maybe you can try the following:

1) Try removing any other USB connections (webcam, etc).  If there is a USB hub, remove that as well, leaving only a connection to the Helix

2) Replace your USB cable (try one with a ferrite choke).  Are you using the supplied Helix cable?

2) Purchase an Add-on PCI usb card and test items 1 and 2 above. (mileage may vary)

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