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Wow! And A Weird Glitch

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Today we played 2 gigs back to back both outside.... 1st gig I got setup did a 20 sec sound test and had a little trouble getting the iPad connected, it took about 5 min connecting and reconnecting plugging and unplugging usb stick and turning on and off wifi on iPad, finally connected and walked out front of the stage and played back the 20 sec track and every time the track played through it would disconnect the iPad and then when the track would restart the iPad would reconnect until I would stop the 20 sec track and it would stay connected... weird huh?   :huh:


Now the WOW!!! I didn't need to change a thing it sounded GREAT!!! :o  since the last gig we did was inside I haven't changed any settings and it was perfect even out side. Got to the second gig and setup and just played.  This system is so awesome!!!  when I told my wife at the first gig that I didn't make any changes to the mix and how cool that was she says " isn't that why you got it?" YES!!! THAT'S EXACTLY RIGHT!!! B)  What a load off my shoulders to not have to mess with that as well as everything else, just set up and play, I can't say enough about how glad I am about having this rig... THANK YOU LINE 6!!!


I look forward to gigging around and not worrying about the mix anymore. sure I'll check it but that just makes me keep on appreciating what the Lord has made possible... THANK YOU JESUS!!!   :rolleyes:

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