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Foot controllers for the Spider V

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Will an FBX longboard work with a Spider 5? Or would I have to upgrade?

I just went through 2 Spider III HD150's from Guitar Center that both have a power cycling problem. I'm thinking about just making the jump to the Spider V.

I have a 4x12 slant cab already, 16 ohms. Will this work with the Spider V as well?


Thanks in advance. 


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Yes, I was able to get the Longboard to work, but not all Spider functions can be controlled as with the LIne6 pedal meant for the Spider.  If memory serves, you can change banks (UP and DOWN buttons), but you'll have to do trial and error to see which buttons affect which functions as I forget.  I finally bought the FB3 pedal so I could control more features.   Thorne


PS - I just found my notes on this...

Longboard buttons you can use are:

stomp box 1 (pedal button) --> (controls on Spider V) FX1 on/off (yellow, distortion/comp)

modulation --> FX2 (blue)

delay --> FX3 (green)

amp1 --> looper on (1st press)/overdub (2nd press)

amp2 --> looper off

FX Loop --> compressor

Reverb --> reverb


Couldn't find any pedal buttons that control pitch/synth (purple)

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Thanks for the information. I am no longer in a band due to being mistreated by the other members, but I'm glad to know that I will at least have some control over a Spider V if I decide to upgrade. I did find a working Spider III to use in the mean time.


So the Spider V has a built in looper?

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