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recording myself playing a guitar solo on a mp3 song

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hi, I am rather unknown with the possibilities of recording with my Toneport UX1 device. I would like to record my guitarplaying simultaneously with a mp3 track. Is that possible? if yes, what do I need. I would be greatly thankful for helpful suggestions.



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You need some kind of DAW (digital audio workstation).

Then import the song you want to play over on one track and the record on another track and the DAW will play them back.

Most DAW's are a pain to learn how to use, initially, but once you have figured it out, a whole world of possibilities open up to you. I hear many good things about Reaper, it has a free trial. I still use Cubase 5, an older cheaper to buy version! I tried a newer version of Cubase , but it wasnt compatable with Podfarm plug-in. There are many tutorial videos on youtube for whatever DAW you choose.

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