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HD500 internal battery


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Hi all,

I have a HD500 which loses all user presets whenever power is switched off.  Is there an internal battery that can be replaced? Ive had her open and couldnt see anything thay looked remotely battery like?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi, thank you bothl for your input.

Ive had the unit for a few years working correctly.

It does it when used as a stand alone.  ie not connected to a computer.

I did a reset, reinstalled the OS etc and still no better.

Any ideas?

Thanks again



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Capacitors are somewhat like batteries. They hold a charge.

Check for any scorch burns or more likely discoloration. If you are lucky it might be that simple but usually 

requires equipment for electrical troubleshooting past a close magnification of the components and circuit.



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