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Dual Amp Tone Setups

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Got a good question for y'all! What are the general guidelines for setting up a basic dual amp tone in regards to individual amp tone settings, mixing, etc.. Just really looking for the "fullness" and slight separation of tone. Something that could be applied to just about any single amp tone setup. First, using a dual same amp and then, maybe suggested mixing and matching for a different, unique sound. Just something to ponder here and get a good discussion going!  ;)

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Depends what you are looking for. Ideally you are blending 2 sounds to make 1 unique tone.  My personal best result so far is blending a ENGL(ANGEL F-BALL) and Soldano (SLO100). Both panned hard left and right, 67 Condenser on the ENGL and a 421 Dynamic on the Soldano. The Engl model has all the meat and potatoes of a good high gain amp, The Soldano brings out the highs and blends in a bit of British crunch.


The 2 together sound pretty awesome. I've used it live as well, I use a small behringer mixer to sum the stereo outputs to one mono output, I can still control the blend of the amps this way.


I had used this setup with the real amps prior in a studio with great results and the HD500 does a bang up job or reproducing that tone. 


I've found though, if you blend the tones on the HD500 itself, it sounds like mush(panning both amps to centre internally in the POD). But great through the mixer. 

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