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POD HD with IRs from HX Effects?


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The POD HD has no ability to use IRs directly so I assume you mean routing the output of the POD into a separate HX FX device. That can certainly be done but you would have to configure your POD and HX FX presets appropriately. Specifically your POD preset should not use any cab/mic models.

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I run my HD 500 with an HX Effects, and yes I use IR's on the HX and turn off my cab/mic models on the HD. 

IMO - it has really extended the life of my HD500... a nice IR sounds a lot better than any of the cab/mic models in the HD itself (again, just my opinion).


I run my HD500 in one of the loops of my HX Effects, and use the HD500 as a midi controller for the HX. I find that is the easiest way to get the most out of both units. 




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