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New Guitar Day 1 of 4


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I never really cared for PRS style guitars (shape wise), but their finishes, and color combos have always been beautiful. Your's is no exception there.


I love both of those colors, and the way they work together. I really like the different shades on the back of the neck. 

The Unique flaming near the bridge is quite nice too.  I hope you enjoy her. 


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10 hours ago, SteveFrance said:

Wonderfull !

What happens 5th day ? You bring it back to the shop ? :)


I've bought a PRS like once and i found that it was a good compromise between a strat and a gibson. After i bought a variax.... ;)


Does it have piezzo pickups ?


No 5th day... B ought 4 guitars last week... 4 different days.  This was the first leap off the bridge... LoL!

No piezo saddles on this one...


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8 hours ago, Hilpatajutaa said:

It's gorgeus, both front and back. Maybe the most beautiful I've never seen pictured. Does it also play and sound better than Gibson Historic?


I've preferred playing a  PRS over a Gibson Les Paul for years, and I'm not a fan boy nor is it over the wood bling.  They just about play themselves for me.  I hate a LP heel all day long to boot.  Hehehe.


LP is a great guitar, but just not my favorite.

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5 hours ago, bsd512 said:

Sweet guitar, congrats! Need pics of the other 3. 


2. will be Q1 2019 delivery- PRS Special 22 Limited Edition semi-hollow

with HB-narrowfield-HB pickup config in Fire Red Burst. Special run order from Moore Guitars.


3. PRS Mira core 2008 maple top (flame) with hollow birds (fairly rare)


4. PRS S2 Studio in Antique White

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