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TP12 Broken but I have XD-V75 - Can I use it?

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My TBP12 Transmitter (part of the G50 system) has finally broken. The battery flap completely snapped off. I managed to tape it on at gig, but obviously this is not going to work full time, due to the need to be able to change batteries quickly.

I'm living and working in the Middle East so finding a replacement is going to be a nightmare, if not impossible altogether.

However, I do have an XD-V75 TBP12 Transmitter (part of the wireless headset mic system) - This unit looks exactly the same as the G50 TBP12, and is still in perfect condition due to not being used.


Question: Will the XD-V75 TBP12 transmitter work with my G50?

I can't check this as the receiver is not with me until the next gig (it is all stored at another location).

Thank you in advance,



nb. Thought I should add that I realize there are some settings on the XD-V75 TBP12  that will be useless with the G50 and of course I will need to set same RF Mode and Channel. etc.

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