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Firewire for Pod XT?

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I simply can't fathom why this information isn't easily available, but I've been searching for a good while now and haven't been able to determine what kind of firewire cable the Pod XT uses.

Anyone knows, so I can buy the correct one?

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You didn't mention which version of the Pod XT you're referring to, but I'm not aware of any that has firewire connection capability. As the previous post mentions, it does have USB functionality.


I believe the old 'Bean' versions of the XT have a cat-5 connector for use with accessory floorboards, but still no firewire, as far as I know.

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Thanks a lot guys.
Obviously, I'm an idiot. I thought the cable in question was a firewire cable, not realizing it is simply a USB A-B cable. That's a lot of time wasted :D 

I also didn't know there were several versions of the Pod XT. I thought there was just Pod XT and Pod XT Pro or something like that. I just have the regular old Pod XT bean.

Again, thanks!

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line6 monkey doesn' t see my POD XT when  trying to connect pod XT with cable usb firmwire that was in the box when i bought it,

so i tried another cable still doesnt work.

i was trying to update USB firmwire 1.12 when installed say unknown on line 6 monkey

when clicking on my update selection

the ask me to accept condition and agrement click accept

the a window apear and say

couldnt establish a connection to pod xt

please check your usb cable connection

if devices is plugged in, try

disconnecting abd reconnecting the usb cable 

but my cable is well plug and on monkey on left 

say Picture with POD XT device

connection: USB

ESN: unknown


tell me what to do cause i love my pod XT and want it to be uppdated

i stop playing 1 year and want to start back


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