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Helix Issue when going direct


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Hello Everyone,

I am sure I am doing something wrong but when I use the volume pedal when going direct it turns off the delay signal.  When I use the volume pedal when using the four cable method the delay trails and sounds cool.  I have the delay in the "effects loop" in my signal chain.  I get that cello effect when dong the 4CM but can't replicate it when going direct.


I also noticed when I was jamming with a friends and running direct into his PA, that when I turned the volume down on my guitar on a dirty patch that the Helix barely picks up the signal and I have to pick much harder to get a signal.  The signal also seems delayed when I turn down my guitar volume on the guitar.  This doesn't seem to be an issue on the clean channel but I rarely turn down the volume on a clean patch.  The when volume on my guitar is all the way up the patches work fine.  Also, the volume pedals works fine but not for getting the effect I want using the 4CM


Below is my signal chain and any help would be appreciated.


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You just need to move the Volume Pedal block so it's earlier in the signal chain. Right now you have it after the delay block, so that's why it's killing the echoes. I typically like mine first thing in the chain, but, really, you could try it anywhere before the delay in your chain.

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