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M13 no sound output with effects engaged

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Hi guys, newbie here. 


I recently brought a second hand m13. This morning I went to set it up and I only get sound while the pedal is in bypass mode. If I engage an effect then I get silence. I tried on about 5 different guitars, 3 amps and a host of cables to rule out any other silly problems. My dignoses is that the fault is within the m13 unit. 


Has anyone else had this issue? Is it resolvable or have I brought a fluff? 


I was very excited to map out some sounds but alas I won’t be able too! 

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Try holding down the looper controls button until the screens light up white. Go to the 3rd. screen , under pres, True Bipass      DPS / BVP , turn that knob  to DPS/BVP. 

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