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Pod Hd500 'tube Comp' Question...


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I do the same thing hurghanico mentioned. I place the tube comp at 100 threshold early in the chain - after volume pedal and before tube screamer and digital delay. You can set the level to taste.


I usually set it at 12 which is a slight boost. Amp model I use is b'face 'lux vib full model. The tube comp at 100 threshold seems to color the tone in a good way so I often leave it on all the time.


The fender amp, tube comp, and tube screamer together gives you plenty of tube sound.

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I measured a Fender Strat position 2 level before and after TubeComp insertion (no amp and no effects) and found I needed a level of 4% @ 100% threshold to get the same output level. I suspect this should not change for any guitar because the frequency changes of the TubeComp are subtle.

As you increase compression threshold to about 65% the TubeComp adds a little gain (you can reduce level to 0% as you go) and I think very little compression. As you keep going up in compression threshold settings things get quite a bit louder. And if I remember right, every 1% level increase adds about 0.4dB gain in case you want a little extra boots. There was an earlier thread about compressors in general with more information on what others do and why. Good luck.

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